Looking back just twelve months or so in SE Queensland it was possible to buy a Sub-$400k 4-2-2 House & Land package in almost all developments but the days of the Sub-$400k H&L package in SE Queensland are now numbered, certainly in the go-ahead growth areas. By the end of the first quarter 2018 we feel it will be no longer possible to purchase such a package unless you are willing to invest in areas such as Undullah, Plainland or Rosenthal Heights.

As we enter the last quarter of 2017 with the Queensland FHG still at the $20,000 level we wanted to focus your attention on four developments in excellent growth suburbs where a quality sub-$400k purchase is still a possibility today:

Estate Suburb Average Land $ Expected Registration
The Gem Redbank Plains $490/m2 Registered
OakLand Pocket Morayfield $567/m2 Feb 2018
Killara Estate Logan Reserve $600/m2 Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
Brentwood Forest Bellbird Park $645/m2 Registered, Dec 2017

Bellbird Park is increasingly regarded as a part of the greater Springfield area and enjoys good access to all the amenities this offers along with its education and employment opportunities. The reality is though that there are just a couple of 4-2-2 H&L packages left at Brentwood which are at or below the $400k mark and these will be smaller homes, perhaps 150m2. Due to escalating land costs, this suburb is about to roll off the bottom of the list and a more realistic starting price might be $410k for packages in the Cockatoo land release.

However, the cheapest land on our list is at The Gem, Redbank Plains where land costs on average are $155/m2 less than they are at Brentwood Forest. Yet these two estates are just 5kms or less than 10 mins apart. Indeed, the suburbs themselves are neighbouring suburbs with Keidges Road being the dividing line. Land at The Gem is already registered allowing a build to commence as soon as building approval is secured. It should be glaringly obvious that land at The Gem is currently undervalued offering good prospects for capital gains.

The Sub-$400k range at Killara Estate, Logan Reserve are now sold out in Stages 1 & 13 with just a few packages available in the higher price ranges. Stage 2 will register in either Dec or Jan with a number of 360-370m2 lots available at an average of $600/m2.  This area is coming up very quickly now with the Marsden Shopping Centre just a couple of kilometres down Chambers Flat Road, good access to the M1 and Logan Motorways, rail link to Brisbane from Loganlea station and Griffith University, Logan campus, between you and the Hyperdome.

Oakland Pocket is a new boutique estate off Graham Road in Brisbane’s thriving northern growth corridor.  It is just 2km from Morayfield station, 30mins to Brisbane airport and less than an hour by car to Brisbane CBD or the Sunshine Coast beaches. Morayfield Shopping Centre is on your doorstep with both education and recreation well catered for.

The land represents excellent value for money and will not register until Feb-18.  This can be turned to your advantage since securing one of these lots will likely require only a land deposit and then the land cannot settle until 14 days after registration notification. Thus, you can secure the land and the build at today’s prices and will not be required to settle the land for 6 months or so during which time you can continue to improve your financial position knowing you are already attracting capital gains.
If you happen to live within reasonable proximity of these suburbs, have been renting for 6 months plus, and have a deposit of as little as $15,000, we may be able to show you the way to owning your first home.

From an investment viewpoint, these properties represent amazing value, giving you cheap entry into the market with full benefits. Our builders are also offering a two year, 5% guaranteed rental return in all four estates.

The Gem, Redbank Plains
Berrigan – Diamond – Sapphire
Frontages:   12.0m – 14.1m
Lengths:       30.0m – 32.0m
Lot sizes:      360m2 – 451m2
Land costs:  $476/m2 – $503/m2  Avge: $490/m2
Registration:  Already Registered
Oakland Pocket, Morayfield
Oakland Pocket
Frontages:   8.5m – 14.0m
Lengths:       22.1m – 31.2m
 Lot sizes:      310m2 – 369m2
Land costs:  $511/m2 – $581/m2  Avge: $567/m2
Registration:    Feb-18
Killara Estate, Logan Reserve
Stage 2
Frontages:   7.5m – 14.7m
Lengths:       28.6m – 31.5m
Lot sizes:      236m2 – 401m2
Land costs:  $566/m2 – $621/m2  Avge: $600/m2
Registration:  Dec-17- Jan-18
Brentwood Forest, Bellbird Park
Cockatoo Release
 Frontages:   10m – 15m
 Lengths:       31.5m – 36.3m
Lot sizes:      315m2 – 544m2
Land costs:  $550/m2 – $650/m2    Avge: $645/m2
Registration:  Dec-17
Registered land still available in prior releases.

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