Free Financial Planners is based on the Gold Coast, Australia but can offer most services Australia-Wide.

What we do

We match your interests with licenced professionals who can provide their services and expertise without charging a usual fee to the customer. And depending on the type of investment, the Financial Planners or Real Estate agents we associate with always look for ways to use the money that you already spend or can save – such as income tax, interest, fees etc. – rather than only requiring you to spend your own savings. Their experience also saves you time compared to doing your own research and learning the same amount of knowledge and expertise that they already have in their profession.

This arrangement intends to help make it easier for Australians to achieve a wealthier future through various avenues such as Super Acceleration, Financial Planning and Investment Property – by not being as restricted by the most common obstacles.

How can this be free?

Think of it like booking a holiday at a travel agent. The obvious benefit is having an expert who can provide their knowledge and experience, and instead of charging you they can charge their fee to other companies for referring your valued business to them.

The travel agent shows you the best deal based on your interests, and doesn’t push you to go somewhere you don’t want to go or that doesn’t suit your interests simply because they could get higher commissions. A Certified Financial Planner not only works the same way but is also strictly bound by law to do so.

The only difference in the travel agent analogy is that it’s also possible for a good Financial Planner to look for ways to either reduce your current expenses or utilise other sources of funds for certain investments or strategies, rather than need you to only spend your own available cash or savings.

This is a win-win situation for all parties.

Free Financial Planners also operates within this commission-based business model in order to provide a fee-free service. You can view disclosed commissions by clicking here.