Investment Property

A Fee-Free Service

Discover ways to make buying property easier and more affordable * 

Utilise your tax, equity, interest, or super *

– Properties in Gold Coast & Brisbane
– Properties Australia-wide, plus Asia
– Townhouses, Apartments, House & Land, Dual Income
– Positive Geared (if possible)
– Risk assessments
– No mining areas
– Insurance and Rental Guarantees

Financial Planning

A Fee-Free Service

Connect with Certified Financial Planners who offer:

FREE Statement of Advice ($1650 value)

– Shares & Portfolio Analysis
– High Performance Super Funds
– Income Protection
– Life Insurance
– Investment Planning
– Retirement Planning
– Funds Management

What we do

Free Financial Planners is a free service to help Australians achieve a wealthier future
– without being as limited by time, knowledge, or upfront costs. *

We match your interests with companies who can provide their services without
charging a fee and can also reduce your spending costs when possible.

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How can this be free?

Think of it like booking a holiday at a travel agent.

The obvious benefit is having an expert who can provide their knowledge and experience,
and instead of charging you, can charge other companies for referring your business.

The agent goes by the best deal based on your interests, and doesn’t push you to go somewhere
you don’t want to go to simply because they would get better commissions.

A Certified Financial Planner not only works the same way but is also strictly bound by law to do so.

The only difference in the travel agent analogy is that a good Financial Planner will also try
to find ways to utilise other money instead of your own cash or savings.

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